•  How can i contact UNDECIDED CLUB?

If you have any questions whatsoever, or if just want to say what’s hangin’, don’t hesitate to contact us at our e-mail: info@undecidedclub!


  • How much is shipping and how long does it generally take?

We ship worldwide from our office in Portugal through our post office of choice – CTT (Portugal Post Office). Portugal takes about one working day and costs 3,20€, Europe takes about 3 working days to get to the destination and costs 6,70€; The rest of the world takes about 5 working days to achieve the final destination and costs 9,35€. If you purchase is equal or superior to 150€, the shipping costs will be free!


  • How do i place an order from your website? 

Once you’re in our website, browse through our amazing pieces and pick your favorites! Before making the decision to purchase an item, please make sure you have read the whole description, checked the size guide, and reviewed all images. After you choose your favorite, only click on “Add to Cart” button, which will redirect you to the check-out, where you complete with the info needed and payment option. After the confirmation, you’re all set; just wait to be amazed by your new piece!


  • What types of payment do you accept?

We accept almost everything, whether you’re using PayPal, Stripe and credit cards!

Your order will be charged in EUR and converted by whatever payment type you paid with the exchange rate they designate.


  • How do I track my order?

After your order is made, we’ll confirm with you via email when we’re about to take care of your piece and when your purchase has been shipped and traceable by a code that we’ll sent you!

If your order has taken any longer than the stated delivery times please check the tracking details and feel free to email us at info@undecidedclub.com.


  • Are there other stores with your brand?

For now, our exclusive pieces are only online at this website! But we’re on the process of negotiation with some stockists around the world, so be patient!


  • How’s your size guide?

When looking for your favorite piece, make sure you enter the product page and check out the size guide, that’s right under the piece description. If you find one that comes in One Size, this size generally fits all standard sizes from XS, S, M, L.

Combined sizes like S/M fit both sizes S and M and the same goes for M/L, which fits sizes M and L.


  • What’s the process behind the production of every piece?

After your purchase, we process your order through these steps:

  1. Confirm your purchase via e-mail
  2. Selecting the fabric and molding the piece
  3. Through our handmade technique, apply the sequins and beads on the piece (Hand embroidery takes some time, so please be patient, this takes about 7-10 days since some pieces take about 10 hours to make.)
  4. When the piece is ready, we package personalize it carefully for each and everyone of you
  5. After the packaging, we send it to you ASAP through the Post Office
  6. The Post Office will generate a tracking code that we’ll send to you to keep up with your order
  7. After a few days (it depends on your country, check the 2nd question of the FAQ’S) you get to open your piece and be the happiest you’ll ever be!


  • What’s the best washing method?

We advise you to hand wash your piece on cold water in order to preserve the sequins! On our swimwear, we advise you also to hand wash your piece on cold water, with no aggressive detergents, and not on the washing machine! Please let it dry in the shade and don’t soak or iron it.


  • How’s your return policy?

Once we process your order, we’re unable to cancel it. We can offer a refund on orders, and when you do send the piece back to us, you must be responsible for the shipping costs.

Once returned, we will examine the item to ensure it has not been worn/wash/used. If they were not worn/washed/used, we’ll refund you right away, after the process.

But, to avoid all that, before making the decision to purchase an item, please make sure you have read the whole description, checked the size guide, and reviewed all images.

We will not accept returns after the 15th day of the item being delivered; Returns and exchanges do not apply on custom made pieces.


  • How long do i have to return or exchange items?

If you want to return or exchange the piece you ordered, you have 15 working days to let us know via e-mail, at info@undecidedclub.com, where you present us with your reason, order number, and preference (exchange or return).


  • I really want to collab with your brand, what should i do?

That’s so cool, we would love to get to know you! If you’d like to collab with our brand let us know via e-mail, at info@undecidedclub.com. We’ll get back to you ASAP!


  • I received your product and already have cool pictures, can i send it to you?

You can send your awesome pictures via e-mail, at info@undecidedclub.com, you can tag us on social media (@undecidedclub) and add the hashtags #undecidedclub and #unlovers!

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